Cycling least popular transport in Britain according to Yougov poll

Plot showing the popularity of each form of transport for UK and London

A survey carried out by YouGov has found cycling to be the least popular form of transport in the UK. Paradoxically, walking is the most popular form of transport. 1737 adults were interviewed in the study. Respondents were asked whether they had a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable or very unfavorable view of each mode of transport. The modes of transport are listed below, together with the percentage of people finding it either very or somewhat favorable.

  1. Walking – 84%
  2. Car (as passenger) – 81%
  3. Car (as driver) – 73%
  4. Plane – 68%
  5. Train – 67%
  6. Taxi – 48%
  7. Bus – 47%
  8. Coach – 42%
  9. Bicycle – 40%

It’s a shame that so few people think favourably about riding a bike as a form of transport. The fact that walking comes top of the list show that its not simply because people want to sit passively in their own space. Something more complex is obviously going on here. This particular study didn’t ask them about their reasons although other studies have been done into this. Providing safer routes is one important area. In the Better Bicycles project we’re looking at how the bikes themselves can be made safter, more convinient and more appealing. If you’d like to get involved and help us do this in any way then find out more about getting involved.

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