Bafang Most Powerful E-bike Motors

Motors capable of delivering 2 kW give extreme performance

Befang produce the most powerful E-bike motors available. The most powerful motor, MM G510.750/1000 is rated at 1 kW running at 52 V, but it has a peak power output of 1.6 kW. With modification, it is capable of over 2 kW. The torque is also extremely high at 160 Nm.

Putting this in context, Tour de France riders output about 500 W during intense climbs and around 1000 W during sprints. Their peak power can sometimes be as high as 2000 W. However, don’t expect this system to give you the 50 mph (80 km/h) that Tour de France printers achieve. The motors speed is limited at 28 mph, unless it is modified…

This is a mid-drive system, of the type made popular by Bosch and Panasonic. The pedelec system continuously samples crank torque, vehicle speed and pedaling speed at a frequency of 80 kHz. Power is delivered in response to these variables, magnifying the riders input power.

The Max Drive System puts the rider in complete control.


To achieve such a high torque Begang use a very large diameter motor together with a three stage reduction gearbox.

In many countries a bike fitted with such a powerful motor will no longer be classed as an E-bike but rather an electric moped.

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