Coros Omni: A smart bike helmet

Coros Omni Helmet with lights and audioCoros Omni Helmet with lights and audio

This new helmet from wearables innovator Coros incorporates some useful electronics. Most noticeably there are lights at the rear. I’m a big fan of lights on helmets. In fact, the more lights spread around both your bike and your body the better. A bike spotlight on your helmet has its uses but most cyclists are actually hit from the side and are often invisible despite ultra-bright front lights.

The Omni also has bone-conducting audio speakers. Bone-conducting audio is said to be less distracting allowing your ears to detect important road noises. The helmet connects to your phone via bluetooth for the usual music playback.

Perhaps the most sophisticated feature it is that the helmet can detect a head impact. It will then use your connected mobile phone to send a pre-defined message to selected contacts. This is, of course, assuming that both the helmet and the phone have survived the accident. I can’t comment on how reliable this is likely to be.

Coros are taking pre-orders on Indiegogo now.

Coros Omni Helmet with lights and audio

Coros Omni Helmet with lights and audio

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