First real-time tire pressure sensor

Tire pressure is hugely important for bicycle performance. After the aerodynamic position of the rider, it is probably the most important factor for flat-out speed. It also has a huge impact on traction, important for cornering, braking, and off-road climbs. In some conditions, tire pressure may be the most important factor to consider. If a tire gets a sudden flat in a competition then the rider will quickly realize, if however there is a slow leak then the resulting reduced performance may take a long time to be noticed and cost the race. It is therefore surprising that, with so many sensors now available, it has taken so long for a real-time tire pressure sensor to appear on the market.

Enter TyreWiz from Quarq, SRAMS’ data and digital technology brand. The TyreWiz sensors add just 10g to each wheel and allow real-time air pressure to be streamed to a cycle computer or smartphone. They are compatible with any tire using a removable Presta valve core, this includes those with tubes and tubeless as well as tires with anti-flat sealant. Quarq says they are intended for mountain bikes and road bikes with riders of any experience level. The associated smartphone app will display personalized recommendations, current tire pressure, and low/ high-pressure alerts.

What is most interesting to us is the ability to gather data on tire pressure together with other information from an add and identify patterns to better understand bicycle performance.


Features & Benefits

  • Designed for road and mountain bike riders.
  • Personalized tire recommendations in the smartphone app for iOS and Android.
  • NFC pairing for fast and easy connection by BLE to a phone
  • Data reported with +/- 2% accuracy at .1 PSI resolution.
  • Broadly compatible with tires that use a Presta-style valve core.
  • Inexpensive, user-replaceable CR1632 battery lasts for 300 hours.
  • IP67 dustproof/waterproof rating.
  • Box includes valve core removal tool for installation.

The price for two sensors is $199 / €259 / £229 and Quarq are taking pre-orders for delivery June 1, 2018. This will include two sensors, replaceable batteries, and a valve core removal tool.

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