General Motors Launches ARIV E-Bikes

General Motors Ariv Merge ebike shown both folded and unfolded

Folding and compact e-bikes available to order now

GM has just released two really exciting e-bikes, aimed at urban mobility. The Meld (2,800 €) is a compact e-bike and the Merge (3,400 €) is a folding e-bike. They are currently only available to order in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, from

The Meld is the compact, non-folding, version

The electric drives provide power up to 25 kph (16 mph) with four levels of pedal-assist. The assisted range is said to be up to 64 km (40 miles) with a charge time of 3.5 hours.

GM says they have designed the bikes to “automotive-grade capabilities”. They come with safety features such as integrated rechargeable front and rear light, and disk brakes with oversized rotors. Although it is nice to see integrated lights, they don’t appear to be of an automotive standard. We’d like to see them covering a much larger surface area and ideally covering the shape of the bike.

Integrated lights should be standard on all bikes, it would be nice to see them covering a larger area

The folding ARIV Merge is designed to roll easily on both wheels while folded, as featured in the official advert on youtube:

Both bikes are fitted with a Quad Lock smartphone mount and connect with an official app via Bluetooth. This allows the smartphone to display speed, distance, remaining battery level, motor assist level, and distance traveled. The app is also intended to include an algorithm to help riders arrive at their destination sweat-free. A USB charging port is included so the attached phone can be charged while riding.

Other car companies have released e-bikes recently. For example the BMW Active Hybrid and the Ford MoDe. These are not very impressive. The GM offerings look somewhat more exciting.

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