Some ideas for safer winter cycling

Winter CyclingWinter Cycling
Winter Cycling

Winter Cycling

Citylab has given some good suggestions for safer winter cycling. These include:

  • Lower your saddle: This is always a good idea when you need some extra control and stability, as every mountain biker knows. A lower saddle gives stability by lowering your center of gravity, it gives control by giving you more space to shift your weight around and if all else fails it makes it easier to put your feet on the ground.
  • Let some air out of your tires: Softer tires tend to give more grip. But be careful not to go too far and end up getting pinch flats. This can happen when a bump squashes the tire flat pinching the inner tube between the road and the rim and causing a tear in the inner tube. For really icy conditions winter tires are available.
  • Watch the snow: Curbs, drains and other hazards can be hidden under snow. It is, therefore, a good idea to cycle away from the edge of the road and to avoid deep snow. Also, watch out for the glistening of slippery ice.
  • Get out your ski gloves: This isn’t just for comfort. Hands numbed by the icy wind won’t work so well when you need to brake hard or hold onto the bar when you accidentally hit a hidden obstacle.

Another idea I would add is that wearing some grips over your shoes can help a lot when the ice gets really slippery. These are perfect:


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