NEXT offer free lifetime rim replacement

NEXT, the manufacturer of some of the best carbon fiber rims, is offering to replace any damaged rim, free of charge. This isn’t the typical ‘lifetime’ warranty that excludes ‘normal wear and tear‘, this is a no questions asked free replacement. That’s right, they don’t care what you’ve done to break the rim, they will rebuild your wheel with a new rim and spokes for free, they even pay for return shipping within the USA! This appears to be a hugely significant move for carbon rims. Now, if you buy a carbon wheelset, you can be confident that it will last. It also shows that NEXT have real confidence in their rims’ ability to withstand abuse.

The offer states that if you send them a wheel that simply needs truing then they will true it and ship it back to you! They only ask that you clean the wheel and remove all tires, tubes, cassettes and skewers. You must then ship the wheel to NEXT in Vermont, USA. They will pay for return shipping within the continental US. For other locations, they will charge return shipping, around €70 to Europe.

It looks like the future is wheels that last a lifetime.

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