ORGO Folding E-Bike Launching on Kickstarter

The ORGO folding e-bike viewed from the side folded and unfolded

The ORGO folding e-bike is currently running on Kickstarter. What’s nice about this design is the really compact fold. The wheels fold inside the two circular frame sections, which also contain the batteries. This results in a tiny folded package with a volume of just 31 L, almost 1/3 of the volume of a Brompton! Only the Sinclair A-Bike is a comparable size, but the wheels on the ORGO are twice the diameter of an A-Bike’s. This really is an impressively small fold.

What’s not so great is this folding e-bike doesn’t have any pedals, so if the battery runs out you’ll have to push it. This also takes away the health benefits and, debatably, the fun of using your own strength to propel yourself. Not having any pedals does enable a low, yet upright, riding position. This looks like it would provide good visibility in traffic combined with a low center of gravity for good downhill braking performance. Although the wheelbase looks quite short at approximately 940 mm, this is actually more than some quite rideable folding bikes.
Orgo Folding E-Bike on Kickstarter


  • Top speed: 15 mph (24 kph)
  • Range: Up to 12 miles (19 km)
  • Charge time: 2 h
  • Weight: 10.9 kg (24 lbs)
  • Folded size: 41 x 15 x 51 cm (16″ x 6″ x 20″)
  • Folded volume:
  • Wheel size: estimated 12″
  • Wheelbase: approximately 94 cm (37″)
This looks like the perfect bike if you want the smallest possible folding e-bike and you don't mind sacrificing the ability to pedal. If you want to preorder an ORGO folding e-bike on Kickstarter, you have until 14<sup>th</sup> Febrary. The current price is 595 USD including shipping anywhere in the world.

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