Specialized Evade Helmet Calls for Help

Specialized S-Works Evade helmet with ANGi to call for help, side view of a black helmet

The S-Works Evade helmet has ANGi to call for help if a crash is detected

ANGi is a system that detects a crash and sends an alert message if you don’t respond. Specialized have, until now, been selling ANGi as s separate device you attached to your helmet. This needs to be paired with their
Ride Premium app on your phone. ANGi monitors accelerations and if it detects a crash it starts a countdown. If you don’t tell it you’re ok, by stopping the countdown it ends, then it sends a text alert together with your most recent GPS location. The message can be sent to an emergency contact you have pre-selected.

The S-Works Evade helmet is a top quality aero road helment. It now comes with MIPS and a built-in ANGi device.

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