Trek, Ford and Tome using AI for safer Cycling


An innovative approach to improved safety for cyclists is being developed by engineers at Tome Software, Trek Bicycles, Ford Motor Company and the University of Michigan. They started by researching the causes of traffic deaths to identify ways of reducing these. Their solution involves bikes and cars communicating with each other. Firstly just being aware of each other will help to avoid collisions. But their solution goes further, imploying AI to work out where danger zones on the road are and directing the vehicles to safety.



The objective is to create a communication protocol which will allow vehicles and traffic infrastructure to be connected. They are using the names bicycle-to-vehicle (B2V) and Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) for the levels of communication. The technology is intended to be open so that other manufacturers can use it in devices such as lights, helmets and cycle computers.






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