VéliSo – the world’s safest bike?

VéliSo is attempting to reduce the significant risks of cycling in traffic by designing a bike which warns you about, and even actively avoids, collisions. They have been inspired by the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) used in many modern cars. VéliSo’s Advanced Riding Assistance System (ARAS) includes an array of sensors including cameras, radar, ultrasound and infrared. These inform the central control unit of vehicle proximity and threat level.

Positions of sensors and other systems

Advanced Riding Assistance System (ARAS)

Various responses are then possible ranging from notifying the rider of the collision risk to automatically braking. In addition to monitoring vehicle proximity and velocity to predict potential collisions, the system also monitors the road surface condition. The tire pressure can then be automatically adjusted to ensure that the required level of traction is available.


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