How not to get hit by a car

The BicycleSafe website is dedicated to teaching cyclists how not to get hit by cars. It lists ten of the most common types of accidents and for each it one it gives tips on how to avoid it.

A bright orange noodle tied across the back of a bicycle

Simply tieing a noodle to the back of your bike shows drivers how wide you are

There is also lots of general advice. Key tips might seem obvious but it’s well worth going through them and thinking about your current habits. I should note that this advice isn’t referenced to any research. It’s just common sense advice.


  • Use lights that are bright and clearly visible from all directions: front, rear and sides
  • Wear bright clothing
  • Get a rear view mirror


  • Avoid traffic if you can
  • Slow down at intersections
  • Get drivers attention
    • Signal before turning
    • Make eye contact and wave at drivers
  • Position yourself where you can be seen on the road
    • Don’t ride too close to the curb
    • Stay in your lane: Don’t dip in and out of the cycle lane
    • Don’t stop in drivers blind spots
  • Give yourself space around car doors
  • Give yourself time to stop
  • Don’t ride where you’re not allowed – you will also be unexpected
  • Check your mirror before turning into or across traffic

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